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  • We are only 2% of your day, no excuses!


  • LUXBODY is an intense interval-based workout guaranteed to shred fat and blast endorphins in 30-minutes, flat. Classes are open to all fitness levels.


  • LUXBODY HIIT (high intensity interval training): a systemized workout that incorporates bouts of intense activity bursts with fixed or lower intense rests. The intense activity bursts require 100% output of energy and effort to maximize results, therefore, allowing a continuous climb in heartrate. The higher the heart rate, the more calories burned.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

  • High Intensity Interval Training is scientifically proven to increase metabolism, burn calories up to 24 hours AFTER class, and even slow-down the aging process. Additional benefits include: fat-loss, lean muscle mass, peak endurance, and quickness. Great for fat loss results as well as athletic performance training.

What are the benefits of a self-powered studio?

  • All workout equipment at LUXBODY is 100% motor-free, self-powered. We believe that your body is the best machine to work against as well as beneficial for injury prevention. Body awareness, balance, and physical limits can be compromised when using workout tools that provide guided speed or intensity. The main focus for all classes is correct body posturing and form, then intensity.

If LUXBODY is a full-body workout, why do you have body-focus days?

  • Every class at LUXBODY is a total-body intense workout; however, depending on the day of the week, specific muscle group are targeted. Beyond the cardiovascular component to HIIT training, we want to ensure a full-rounded strength element, in addition. Also it’s important you do not overwork certain muscle groups to allow for recovery and transformation.


How early should I arrive for my first-class?

  • All classes are reservation-based. This means you must sign-up before class to ensure a spot (only 16 spots available). You’ll need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before class start time. Arrivals past 10-minutes, will not be permitted in class. No exceptions. All classes begin exactly on time with instruction of class beginning minutes prior. Good rule of thumb, arrive 15 minutes early for all classes (whether first class or not).

What should I expect in terms of difficulty?

  • You should expect a tough, intense workout; however, classes are capable to all fitness levels. Since we are a self-powered studio, you can work through class at your own pace and intensity. We have clients ranging in age from 13 to 70 and all fitness abilities.

What is a typical class-size?

  • We specialize in quality over quantity with each class allowing 16 clients, max. This ensures clients receive specialized fitness attention from our highly qualified trainers.

Do I need to be in shape before I workout at LUX?

  • Absolutely not! Our job is to help you get in shape, stay in shape, or enhance your shape. We offer modifications for all fitness levels. We’ve had many clients where LUXBODY was his/her’s first experience in a fitness studio, ever.

What should I bring to my first class?

  • Water bottle and indoor workout shoes. We provide towels during the workout as well as refreshing cooling towels, post-workout.

I’m not the biggest fan of group classes as I don’t like others watching or judging my fitness abilities. What is a typical class environment like?

  • LUXBODY is extremely proud of our supportive community and culture. You will find a space of positivity and encouragement, only. The classes move at a fast pace- the goal for most clients is just getting through the workout. There is no time to chat, judge, or even look at another client’s performance (phew).

How old do I have to be to attend LUXBODY?

  • We ask that all clients (unless enrolled in our Youth Power Camp programs) be at least 13-years old. Parents/legal guardians must give consent and sign liability-waiver before class attendance.


Fitness shoes

  • We love a little grit during our workouts, but not on gritty floors. We ask all clients to bring clean, indoor fitness shoes, only. No street shoes are allowed on workout floor before, during, or after class.

Talking during class

  • Our classes are fast-paced and require great attention; therefore, as a courtesy to our trainers and other clients, we ask for no side-conversations during the workout.

Cell phones

  • We ask all cell phones to be turned on vibrate or shut- off. Checking or answering phones during class is strongly discouraged.

Varying from instructed exercises

  • Clients may not vary from instructed exercises (unless pre-approved as a modification) or may not vary use of equipment instructed by your trainer during class.


  • Clients should arrive 10-minutes prior to class. If you are not physically present and have not checked-in five (5) minutes before the start of class, your spot may be released to a waitlisted client. Arrivals past five (5) minutes into class will not be allowed to take class.

Bringing kids to class

  • Your little ones (children) may wait patiently in the studio lobby during a LUXBODY class; however, no kids are allowed in the workout studio during class time. LUXBODY assumes no responsibility for your children, and those children that are found to be disruptive will not be allowed back.


Who can I contact with questions regarding my membership?

  • Please send an email to info@luxbodyfitness.com

How can I update my profile information?

  • You can update your profile information online at www.clients.mindbodyonline.com

What information is required on my profile?

  • We take the privacy of our members seriously. Therefore, we never share or solicit information gathered from online profiles. Class registration information includes but is not limited to clients ADDRESS, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, EMERGENCY CONTACT, and BILLING (credit/debit card). A credit/debit card is required on file for all memberships and packages and will be used (if applicable) for late-cancel charges on the first of every month.

What is the late-cancel policy for classes?

  • Reserved classes must be changed or cancelled prior to 1-hour before it’s scheduled time or it will be charged a late-cancel fee of $10. All fees are charged on the first of the month.

What should I know about purchasing a package?

  • All packages carry a one (1) year expiration from purchase date and are non-transferable and non-refundable. No sharing of packages or memberships allowed.

What if I want to cancel or hold my membership?

  • No holds or cancellations are allowed for 3-month, 6-month, and annual contracted memberships (such as but not limited to attracted membership, committed membership, obsessed membership) unless specified as below:

  • MEDICAL: If your doctor finds you medically unable to workout for more than three (3) months, we will need a letter from your doctor. They do not need to provide specifics, only his/her medical opinion that you are not able to workout for at least three (3) months. You may deliver the doctors note in person and fill out the appropriate cancellation or hold form.

  • PREGNANCY: Congrats! If your doctor feels you are medically unable to attend LUXBODY during your pregnancy, you can request a medical hold for up to nine (9) months.

  • RELOCATION: If you relocate more than 25 miles away from LUXBODY, you may cancel your membership with proof of relocation, such as a utility bill, lease or deed to a house, or a letter from human resources department stating you have been relocated to another region. A cancellation form will need to be filled out in person.

  • No holds are allowed for 3-month and 6-month contracted memberships. All annual contracted memberships are granted one (1) hold per contract term for a 90-day max period. A 7-day notification is required.

Can I cancel or hold my membership online (if applicable)?

  • No. All cancellations and holds must be done with a studio manager. Clients must fill out and submit the appropriate cancellation or hold form.

What are the fees for a failed or expired card?

  • All failed auto-charges and/or payments due via credit/debit are subject to a $3 processing fee. Memberships with failed payments 30-days past due are subject to termination.

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