Motto: Life's a climb but the view is great.

Zodiac Motto: I give my truth straight, no chaser. -Capricorn

Guilty Pleasure: Expensive wine & cheap pizza.

Pet Peeve: Excuses... accountability is way more attractive.

When I'm not kicking butt... Interior Decorating!

Kate Fallick

studio manager | HIIT trainer

Motto: Good things come to those who hustle.

Zodiac Motto: “I started one project which turned into 12 projects and now I need a nap.” Gemini

Guilty Pleasure: Spending way too much money on almond lattes and smoothies.

Pet Peeve:Poor grammar!!!

When I'm not kicking butt... I’m exploring the best of TC with my friends (or at home snuggling with my kitten).

Hilary puroll

Asst. manager | hiit trainer

Motto: In moments of doubt- trust your gut, hug your dog-in my case, someone else’s, and eat a donut.

Zodiac Motto: Do it with passion, or don't do it at all. -Scorpio

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate covered potato chips. And wine...lots of wine.

Pet Peeve: When people leave time on the microwave.

When I'm not kicking butt... I'm outside "playing" (ie. hiking, camping, kayaking).

Tiffany stone

studio nutritionist | Hiit trainer

Motto: The big secret in life is there is no big secret. Whatever your goal,
you can get there if you're willing to work. Above all, choose love and
kindness; you will never regret it.

Zodiac motto: If it wasn't for the fact that body naturally falls asleep, I would be up all day thinking... and thinking. -Gemini

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping in.

Pet peeve: Rudeness.

When I’m not kicking butt... Reading.

Jessie zevalkink

HIIT Trainer

Motto: "The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life, it's so easy to make it complex." -180 South

Zodiac Motto: I have a lot of love to give. It only takes a little patience and those worth giving it all to. -Pisces

Guilty Pleasure: When people don't understand how I operate.

Pet Peeve: Ungratefulness.

When I'm not kicking butt... On a boat or in a helicopter, camera in hand.

kelly mokanyk

HIIT Trainer

Motto: Get a job big or small, do it right or not at all.

Zodiac Motto: Give a Libra 2 weeks to do something and it's still not done until the night before. - Libra

Guilty Pleasure: T.J. Maxx any day, all day & watching ill-mannered drivers being pulled over.

Pet Peeve: People yelling at referees.

When I'm not kicking butt... Found in the woods with my dogs and coaching volleyball, watching volleyball, or playing volleyball.


Ariel Kessler

HIIT Trainer

Motto: Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers. The successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. – W.P.

Zodiac Motto: I am a people-person! I seek authenticity and I always look for the best in people. - Aquarius

Guilty Pleasure: Being cozy at home on a rainy day.

Pet Peeve: Feeling unproductive.

When I'm not kicking butt... I’m traveling with my husband, or dreaming up & saving for our next adventure!

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