Hey there, Challenger!

Fall is the perfect time to press reset and find focus. Grab a partner and Join our 6-week fitness challenge for a stronger and leaner you! 

what's included

  • - Unlimited Classes (no block out times)
  • - body fat testing, Measurements, & strength test
  • - NEW Nutrition guide
  • - A stronger, leaner you in only 6-weeks
  • - Eligibility to win Grand Prize: Exclusive 'Winners-only' swag + $500 studio credit ($250 each team member); 2nd and 3rd place team prizes


special team enrollment offer:

Grab a friend, introduce them to the challenge, and get rewarded!

*see below for details

Enrollment ends:

Friday, October 11th

official 6-week challenge dates:

starts: Monday, October 14th

Ends: Sunday, November 24th

Mandatory challenge "test-in" dates & Times:

Wednesday, October 9th: 5:30pm - 6:30PM

Thursday, October 10th: 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Friday, October 11th: 10AM - 11AM

***No testing allowed outside of scheduled dates and times. Mandatory for participation. Must sign-up to attend.

two (2) person team-based challenge:

- no team restrictions

- May register as a "single," but will not be guaranteed a match (refund will apply if no other single can be paired with you prior to "test-in")

- teams Can consist of two (2) Members; two (2) non-members; One (1) non-member and one (1) Member

- Teams that consist of two (2) non-Members receive $150 credit ($75 to each team member)

- Teams that consist of one (1) member + one (1) non-member receive $100 credit ($50 to each team member)

***credit not valid toward enrollment fee or studio merchandise; may be applied toward class packages & studio memberships, only. non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

Non-member vs. member:

- non-member: a person that does not uphold a current auto-recurring monthly membership (ex: new clients, package holders, one-month unlimited)

- Member: A person that upholds an Active attracted/committed/obsessed Membership (3-month, 6-month, or annual)

***end of contract term does not apply (can not be your final month of payment)


  • - each team member must attend the challenge "test-in" to be eligible to participate in the challenge.
  • - each team member must attend the challenge "test-out" to be eligible for the grand prize, 2nd & 3rd place prize.
  • - each team must come up with a team name in order to participate.
  • - All team names must be confirmed with the front desk by the mandatory challenge "test-in."
  • - All "single" enrollments must notify the studio to be placed on the "single" list asap. Singles are matched on a first-serve basis.
  • - team enrollment credits will be applied to each participants account once verified and confirmed with the front desk.
  • - mandatory "informal" studio weigh-ins are required every 2 weeks. if any team member fails to weigh-in, the team will become ineligible to win grand prize, 2nd & 3rd place prize.
  • - all participants must complete a registration and liability form at the challenge "test-in."
        • - Members and non-members are recommended to complete 3 hiit classes per week minimally (18 total classes) during the challenge. Unlimited classes are allowed for the entire 6-weeks.
  • - No Two-a-days permitted (two hiit classes in one day).
  • - no "new member month" allowed with participation.
  • - No refunds or studio credits on enrollment fee will be granted after participation in the challenge "test-in."

Challenge pricing

 Non-Member: $349

(New clients or package holders)


  • Unlimited classes
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Before/after pictures
  • body fat testing, measurements, & Strength test
  • Eligibility to win Grand Prize: Exclusive 'Winners-only' swag + $500 studio credit ($250 each team member); 2nd and 3rd place team prizes
  • A complete new you in only 6-weeks

 Member: $99

(active auto-recurring monthly members. All auto-monthly payments still apply.)


  • Same as the non-member package

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